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Cornish College of the Arts

Seattle, Washington

Centered on a vibrant arts scene in downtown Seattle, Cornish offers an experience like no other in the visual and performing arts. A faculty of recognized artists engaged in important areas of practice and research encourages an understanding of the arts and their value to society. With a history of experimental, interdisciplinary work and an understanding of new media and technologies behind them, Cornish students are prepared for success. You will meet students from all over the country and...

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Oregon College of Art and Craft

Portland, Oregon

OCAC is a leading, uniquely small, mentor-based college where students are individually guided to become successful artists and professionals in the fields of creative practice, business, and industry. Students work in small classes with renowned faculty, artists-in-residence, and fellow students to explore innovative, cross-media approaches to making, experiential learning, and conceptual thinking. Located in Portland, our community reflects the ethos that values the hand-made, locally...

PNCA Campus

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Portland, Oregon

For 100 years, Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) has been encouraging new generations of artists to trust, develop and pursue their creative capacities. What animates a PNCA education is the dynamic relationship formed with the professional community of artists, designers and scholars who make up the extraordinary faculty. PNCA is a leading center of creativity in Portland, a city that is alive with talented innovators, vibrant energy and international flare. Founded in 1909, Pacific...