Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Lighting Design is an aspect of environment design and/or set design, which includes and can focus on the study of the physiological and psychological effects of lighting design, sustainable practices, civic responsibility, and of course, the aesthetic design of lighting itself.


California Institute of the Arts

Valencia, CA

Cornish College of the Arts

Seattle, WA

Otis College of Art and Design

Los Angeles, CA

Parsons School of Design

New York, NY

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, IL

Sucheta Bhatawadekar | Animation Lighter

Sucheta Bhatawadekar | Animation Lighter

“As a lead lighter I am responsible for creating the initial lighting set-up for a particular sequence to simulate the lighting conditions,” Bhatawadekar said. “I capture the mood for that sequence as envisioned by the art director, visual effects supervisor, and the production designer.”